Always Search All Mailboxes in Outlook by Default

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This article covers how to set the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook 365 so that it will automatically search ALL Mailboxes, rather than just the current mailbox.


Search All Mailboxes by Default in Outlook

STEP 1: Within Microsoft Outlook locate the Mailbox Search Field / Bar at the top of the application window and click inside of the Search Bar, which will bring up the Search Bar Menu beneath in the Menu Ribbon.

STEP 2: You may need to expand your menu by clicking on the three horizontal dots [ ] to see the “Search Tools” menu under Options. From there click on “Search Options…” from the context menu.

Always Search All Mailboxes in Outlook by Default

STEP 3: The Outlook Options window will appear from which you may select the “All mailboxes” radio option under the Results section. Click OK to save these settings.



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