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Google Review

Create a link that you can provide to your customers so that they leave you a review of your business on Google reviews and subsequently Google Maps. You can easily share this link within your signature line of your emails, on your social media accounts or via a text message, for example.

This way you can encourage your customers to write you a review and rate your business online which will help promote your business.


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Manny provides stellar service with quick turnaround time. I know my firm’s websites are in great hands!

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We were recently contracted by a new client to “fix their website” which suddenly went offline.

Our analysis revealed that they had an improperly configured Apache .htaccess file. This can happen if the hosting company migrates a website or updates the .htaccess file, which they do from time to time, but without testing for compatibility. This can also happen for a number of other reasons but you aren’t here for those.

The client authorized us access to their BlueHost hosting account so that we could resolve the issue for them. It was at that time that we discovered that their .htaccess file was not visible from within the File Manager component window under their cPanel.

Usually one would just check the box to “show hidden files” under the options menu which would reveal the .htaccess file. In this case there was no such option.

It was then that we discovered a work around which would force the reveal of any hidden files from within the File Manager component window. We will share this tip with you below.


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Have you ever accidentally selected the “Add to dictionary” context menu option which saved the improper spelling of a word when attempting to automatically correct the spelling of said word?

Seems like not a big deal at first glance. That is, until you need to correct that spelling again.


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Disclaimer: We make no guarantees or warranties with regards to the following tips and suggestions for an Apache .htaccess file regarding security and compression settings.

It is your responsibility to test out these settings on your server and check for comparability and security.


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W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Settings

The article distills the most helpful and optimal settings for the W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.


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WordPress Content Management System Icon

Sometimes, as a developer, it may be beneficial to hide the WordPress version number and or hide the WordPress update notice from backend users. Particularly if you are aware that performing the update will cause issues with your presently installed theme.

Nothing beats getting it fixed immediately, but sometimes that just isn’t feasible. We still recommend that any security releases be implemented immediately and if you must, take the site down for maintenance. That is, until the theme compatibility issues have been resolved and the security updates implemented.


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Without question, sending and receiving 3D digital objects will be the future of computing. However, the time isn’t here yet and I don’t want an empty useless folder cluttering up my directory. Normally it would be simple enough to just delete the empty folder. But thanks to “Big Brother” Microsoft, they make it difficult.

To remove the 3D Objects folder from Windows 10 simply follow the registry edits below.


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Hashtags aren’t just great for Twitter, they can also help users discover your brand on Instagram.

The maximum amount of hashtags you can add per Instagram post is 30, but you should aim to use much less than that. Try adding five to ten and see how well your posts perform. Then, look at how many new followers come on board and whether you’ve achieved your target level of engagement.


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Very savvy and quite helpful! Our website is perfect. Helps with basic computer issues too since I don’t know much. Also, quite affordable.