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Apple devices switched to using HEIC formatted photos from JPG back when iOS 11 was released.

Overall, the HEIC format is better than the JPG because it takes up less space but yet provides better quality. But it is only convenient so long as you stay within the Apple ecosystem.

If you also use Windows or Android devices, you’ll want to switch back to JPG format as the default for new photos.

This article will show you how to convert HEIC photos to JPG as well as how to permanently save your photos as JPG on your iPhone.


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This article covers how to set the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook 365 so that it will automatically search ALL Mailboxes, rather than just the current mailbox.


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We all envision a future, some better life for ourselves. We strategize the moves needed to get there. The only problem is most people suck at it, using systems that are either way too basic or way too rigid.

To achieve literally anything, we will use a commonly talked about framework called the Eisenhower Matrix. Anything you do in life falls into one of these four Quadrants.

IMPORTANT Quadrant 1 Quadrant 2
NON-IMPORTANT Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4

Quadrant #1 is filled with stuff that’s both important and urgent. Sounds great, right? This is not where you want to be.

Most people start in Quadrant #1 until tired, inevitably falling into Quadrant #4, mindlessly attending to the non-urgent and non-important stuff like cleaning out your e-mail inbox or binge-watching YouTube (even if it’s educational videos). You goof around here until you’re ready to go back to Quadrant #1.

“Is that a new e-mail in your inbox? Hooray, you’re saved.” Can’t help but look, right? In your moment of weakness, you make a detour into Quadrant #3, focusing on the not important but apparently urgent things. And just like this from Quadrant #1 to #4 to #3 back to #1. Around and around, you go like a hamster in a wheel of life, devoid of growth.

The reality is this Quadrant #1 is just the bare minimum. Quadrant #1 is where you go put out fires, but if you’re constantly holding the fire extinguisher, when do you hold the hammer? Guess where the fires of Quadrant #1 come from? They come from the ignored dreams of Quadrant #2.

You see examples of this all the time.

  • Ignore that big project and reap the consequences when it’s due.
  • Ignore quality time with friends and family and they soon become decent strangers.
  • Ignore the gym long enough and you’ll wake up one day and suffer a heart attack.

Quadrant #2 is where dreams are built. It’s the stuff that’s good for you, but because it’s not urgent, you never make time for it.

Imagine yourself as a box factory worker. A day’s worth of work is 50 boxes. Little did you know that tomorrow the boss says he needs 100 boxes. Uh, sounds important and urgent, right? You don’t want to get fired. Will you grit your teeth and force it to happen.

From simple to-dos, phone reminder systems to micromanaged hour by hour planners your mindset is always the same; Learn another productivity hack to squeeze more juice from each day.

What if instead of being a better worker, you became a better factory? Instead of just putting out fires every day you spend one day making everything fireproof and thus freeing up the rest of your life.


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There appears to be an unresolved bug (as of writing this article) for users using Windows 10 and the free Adobe Reader in which only one PDF can be opened at a time.

Users can open the first PDF normally. However, once the Adobe Reader application is open a second PDF can not be opened. Oddly enough, double clicking on the PDF will add the PDF the to Recent Files within Windows File Explorer but it does not create a new tab or window within the Adobe Reader application.

This article provides a solution to the issue where you can not open multiple PDF’s within Adobe Reader.


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This article will show you how to easily enable Developer Mode on Android phones which will provide you with access to the Developer options menu. Let’s get started!


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Convert PC to VM on Hyper-V

This article will show you how to easily convert a working physical computer into a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM). Let’s get started!


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This article covers the various Windows Services that I have disabled on my personal computer using the Services App. This article is intended for my personal use only as a reminder of what services I altered to improve system performance. If you use this article and alter any of the listed services on your computer it may render your Windows Operating System unstable.


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Connecting a Drive to VM in Hyper-V

This article covers how to connect an existing internal drive or external USB drive to a virtual machine (VM) in Windows Hyper-V.


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In an attempt to optimize and debloat my Windows 11 PC I began disabling various Windows Services. In so doing I had disabled the Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service which caused my Microsoft 365 programs to fail to open and display error code 0x426-0x0. See screenshot of Microsoft error code 0x426-0x0 below which appeared, for example, when attempting to open Word:

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In some Windows 11 Pro installation instances, which I won’t cover here to keep this article short, Windows 11 Pro will automatically enable BitLocker software based encryption on your solid state drive (SSD). Not sure if this auto-enabling occurs on traditional mechanical hard drives, let me know in the comments section.

The particular Windows 11 Pro installation on my Intel NUC 12 fell within the Microsoft threshold of auto-enabling the BitLocker software encryption. This was without my knowledge nor was I allowed to configure the encryption password or separately store the encryption key. My initial inspection leads me to believe that Microsoft simply uses your Microsoft Account password as the BitLocker encryption key but I have not confirmed this. Let me know in the comments section.

Also, when I originally setup my Windows 11 Pro installation, I used a local account instead of a Microsoft Account. I assume that when I accessed my Microsoft Account to connect my Microsoft 365 software (such as Word and OneDrive) Windows configured BitLocker at that time. I could be completely wrong, but the fact that BitLocker was enabled without my knowledge is a fact in my particular case.

It wasn’t until I discovered an article on Tom’s Hardware regarding “Windows Software BitLocker Slows Performance” that I became aware of a potential performance implication. In that article is covers how the BitLocker software encryption feature can slow an SSD by up to 45%.

This article will cover what I did in order to disable BitLocker software encryption on my SSD since I prefer daily maximum performance over the (in my opinion, false) sense of security provided by encrypting the data on my drive. Encrypting my data may also make data recovery more difficult should the need arise, but I may be incorrect there as well.

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