BlueHost Hidden .htaccess Issue within File Manager, Resolved


We were recently contracted by a new client to “fix their website” which suddenly went offline.

Our analysis revealed that they had an improperly configured Apache .htaccess file. This can happen if the hosting company migrates a website or updates the .htaccess file, which they do from time to time, but without testing for compatibility. This can also happen for a number of other reasons but you aren’t here for those.

The client authorized us access to their BlueHost hosting account so that we could resolve the issue for them. It was at that time that we discovered that their .htaccess file was not visible from within the File Manager component window under their cPanel.

Usually one would just check the box to “show hidden files” under the options menu which would reveal the .htaccess file. In this case there was no such option.

It was then that we discovered a work around which would force the reveal of any hidden files from within the File Manager component window. We will share this tip with you below.


Reveal Hidden Files Under cPanel

Log into your BlueHost cPanel account. Then select the “File Manager” component which will open a new window displaying your root web files. Append the following to the URL within the window to force the display of hidden files, including .htaccess:




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