Bypass Auto Mounting of Disks in Windows

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Occasionally I will have a drive that is on the verge of failure and is experiencing issues with being detected by Windows.

This article covers how to bypass the automatic mounting of disks or new volumes on Windows so that I can manually access the disk for attempted data recovery. If the instructions are vague that is because it is intended for my use only and serves simply as a mental refresher.


Bypassing Windows Disk Automounting

Run the Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator and access Microsoft DiskPart by entering: diskpart

Disable the automatic mounting of new volumes by entering: automount disable

If the drive had been previously mounted or a mount was attempted, it is advisable to “scrub” the registry setting for this volume by using the following command: automount scrub

Once you are done you can re-enable automounting using the following command: automount enable



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