Can’t Find Microsoft Quick Assist [SOLVED]

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If you are looking for but cannot find the Microsoft Quick Assist app on your Windows 10 PC, chances are it is not installed. In this article I will quickly show you how to install the Quick Assist app available on Windows 10 (and Windows 11) so that you can provide or receive remote computer support.


Install Microsoft Quick Assist App

  • Right-click on the Start button (Windows Logo) down at the bottom left of your PC screen.
  • From the pop-up menu, select “Settings“.
  • Then click on “Apps“.
  • Under “Apps & features” there is a blue link called “Optional features“, click on that.
  • On the next screen, click the [+] icon next to “Add a feature“.
  • Scroll down and select Microsoft Quick Assist then click the “Install” button down at the bottom.

You may now exit all those screens we opened because we are done. From now on, you will be able to search for and locate the Quick Assist app from your Start menu.



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