Can’t Print Emails with Google Chrome Browser

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Recently had a client who was unable to print individual emails from their online account when using their Google Chrome browser.

I was able to resolve their printing of individual emails on Chrome by simply disabling a browser Add-on Extension (in our case Grammarly).

In this article I cover other potential solutions that may assist you with resolving your inability to print individual emails from your Google Chrome web browser.


Disable Browser Extensions

The easiest and most likely culprit is a conflicting browser add-on extension. I would advise trying to disable one or all of your installed browser add-ons to see if it resolves your printing individual emails. In my case, I disabled the client’s Grammarly for Chrome browser extension and we were able to once again print individual emails.

Turn off a Browser Extension

To turn off a particular browser extension, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of your Google Chrome window. From there click on “More Tools” then “Extensions“. Then toggle the Extension in question off using the blue toggle button (should become grey when off).


Clear Cookies & Cache

A slightly more invasive solution would be to clear your Chrome cache & cookies. Follow the official clearing cache & cookies instructions from Google Support website.


Reinstall your Browser

Another solution would be to try uninstalling Google Chrome and then reinstalling Google Chrome.


Remove Extra Printers

Another solution would be to uninstall or remove any extra printers (that you no longer use). Too often I’ve seen clients print to a no longer available printer. Best to keep the list of available printers on your Windows PC up to date.


Use Brave Browser

Alternatively, you can try using an existing browser, such as Microsoft Edge, or try using the more secure Brave browser to see if the issue is resolved.



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