Cleaning out GMail’s All Mail folder

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The “All Mail” folder with Gmail eventually collects old unneeded emails which utilizes your limited, 15GB, Google Drive space.

To clean this out I have devised a witty trick.


Cleaning Gmail Messages

I never use Gmail’s “Star” an email feature so this makes this technique work.

I begin by starring all of my emails within my folders. These contain all of the messages I wish to keep.

After I “Star” them I go to the “All Mail” label. In the search field I then search for all non-starred messages by entering: “-is:starred” (no quotes)

This reveals all my unstarred and forgotten emails that I haven’t used in years. I then selected all of the messages and deleted them.

For me, this recently resulted in about 6,223 emails along with attachments which dropped my space utilization within gmail nicely.

Don’t forget, you’ll have to go back and “unstar” all of your messages. Use the same “All Mail” label, search for “is:starred“, select all, then unstar.


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