Computer Freezing After Windows 10 April Update

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Those of us who have installed the Windows Update titled, April 2018 Update (build 1803), may be experiencing issues with their computers becoming completely unresponsive until a manual restart while using Google Chrome.

The issue is known to Microsoft and Google and no doubt the developers are working to discover what the issue is and the subsequent solution. Until that time we have a few techniques that may help.


Windows 10 April Update

The issue appears to be with the computer’s video driver crashing while using Google Chrome.

When the computer is frozen, one potential solution is to force the video driver to restart. To do so, you can try the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Shift + B keyboard combination. This keyboard combination causes the video driver to restart, which should allow normal operation again after a minute or two.

If you just recovered from a frozen screen, our recommended fix is to disable “Hardware Acceleration” from within Google Chrome. To do so, click on “Settings” from the Chrome menu and search for “hardware” which will reveal the following option which we suggest disabling: “Use hardware acceleration when available


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