CSS Icon for Links that Open New Window for Web Accessibility

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Presently, there is no standard for having an icon appear on an external link on your website for web accessibility purposes. What we mean by external link, a link that opens a new window or new tab.

No doubt, those using screen readers will be more interested in “what” the link’s alt property contains rather than “how” an icon specifying an external link looks.

For those interested in adding a quick and simple external link icon to all their external links, here is a CSS property for your consideration. This CSS property rule will apply to all links with a target equal to “_blank“.




So that this CSS rule isn’t applied to all your external links, you can add a class. In this case, any link which opens a new window or tab with a class of “external“.



Example HTML link: <a href=”https://endurtech.com” target=”_blank” class=”external”>Endurtech</a>

Actual link Example: Endurtech



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  1. Colleen D.
    Colleen D. says:

    Thanks so much for this. Took me a bit of fiddling (as a CSS advanced beginner) to get it right, but I did. Much appreciated!

  2. Azriel B.
    Azriel B. says:

    Super helpful! I’ve been searching for this icon for a while. I applied it in several classes on my website.

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