Disable Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer Background Process

To disable the Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer background process one must sign out of their Adobe account within their Adobe software.



Disable Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer

We weren’t using the Adobe Collaboration Synchronization feature anyway so we tried to find a setting to disable it. We could find no such setting or option to disable it. We discovered that the background process would initiate once we opened our Adobe Reader program. Once we signed out of our account the background process no longer started up. Finally a solution.

To sign out of your Adobe account within Adobe Reader simply click on the icon towards the top right of Adobe Reader. Then click on the “Sign Out” link from the drop down menu. You may need to reboot your Windows based computer or manually “End task” via your Task Manager application.

Keep in mind that the Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer is required to run other Adobe related software. This is only good if you are just running Adobe Reader.



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