Disable Autocomplete for a form with Gravity Forms

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For convenience, most web browsers save what information you previously submitted on website forms so that the next time you are filling in a form you only need to select the entry from a drop down list of choices.

With date fields on Gravity Forms it generally displays the calendar below the input field. The problem occurs when that field was previously submitted by a visitor and the visitor returns to resubmit that form. The autocomplete drop down list will cover the drop down calendar making it difficult to select a date.

We may have a solution. Try using the snippet within this article to turn off the autocomplete feature on:

  1. the entire form
  2. a specific form
  3. a specific form field

Keep in mind that this snippet may not work on all browsers and they constantly revise how they handle such fields.


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Disable Autocomplete on Gravity Forms

To utilize this snippet to disable autofill on your form add the following code to your functions.php file within the currently active theme or child-theme (preferred – Need a child theme? We can help.)

Notice the second “add_filter” which passes 'gform_field_content_#_#' this is where we tell the function what to apply itself to.

  1. To disable autocomplete on all Gravity Forms forms on your website, replace the entire parameter with 'gform_field_content'
  2. To disable autocomplete on a specific form, replace the parameter with 'gform_field_content_#', where # is the ID of your form.
  3. To disable autocomplete on a specific field within a specific form, replace the parameter with 'gform_field_content_#_#', where the first # is the ID of your form and the second # is the field ID.


** Gravity Forms - Disable Autocomplete
add_filter( 'gform_form_tag', 'gform_form_tag_autocomplete', 11, 2 );
function gform_form_tag_autocomplete( $form_tag, $form )
if ( is_admin() ) return $form_tag;
if ( GFFormsModel::is_html5_enabled() )
$form_tag = str_replace( '>', ' autocomplete="off">', $form_tag );
return $form_tag;
add_filter( 'gform_field_content_#_#', 'gform_form_input_autocomplete', 11, 5 );
function gform_form_input_autocomplete( $input, $field, $value, $lead_id, $form_id )
if ( is_admin() ) return $input;
if ( GFFormsModel::is_html5_enabled() )
$input = preg_replace( '/<(input|textarea)/', '<${1} autocomplete="off" ', $input );
return $input;


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