Disable WordPress Admin Email Verification

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WordPress Admin Email Verification Prompt

WordPress 5.3 introduced a feature to periodically prompt (interrupt) site administrators to verify their site’s administration email address. This “feature”, which is scheduled to appear once every six (6) months, displays a screen to administrators upon logging in that requires they verify the site’s admin email address. However, this time based event appears to reset more frequently thus prompting more verification screens than originally intended.

In my opinion, this is not needed as any qualified WordPress site administrator would have access to the hosting account and MySQL database. Simply manually updating the admin_email record withing the wp_options table would resolve such an issue of email administration. This “feature” appears to be more of a patch for a disorganized developer who projected their disorganization onto the rest of the WordPress community.

In this article I will show you how to easily disable the WordPress “Administration email verification” page from interrupting you from logging into your WordPress web site.


Disable the Admin Email Verification

The following code snippet will disable WordPress from prompting you to check your site’s administrative email address. To implement this simply add the filter below to your child theme’s functions.php file.



Plugin to Disable the Admin Email Verification Prompt

Don’t feel like manually inserting this code into your child theme? Not to worry, I created a free WordPress plugin which is available on the WordPress plugin repository. Simply install and activate my WPFrom Email plugin and toggle the disable admin email verification prompts from the Settings page.

Once this snippet (or plugin) is added it will fully disable the “Administration email verification” page from interrupting you when logging into your WordPress web sites.



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