Free Google Shared Drive Theme Photoshop Template

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This article will provide you with instructions and a free Adobe Photoshop template for correctly creating a Google Shared Drive Theme image.


Creating a Google Shared Drive Theme Image

To create a Google Shared Drive Theme image you’ll want to create a design file (in your favorite design program) with a canvas size of 1280 pixels x 144 pixels (1280 x 144).

Next, only the very center square of the 1280 x 144px canvas will be displayed as a thumbnail starting at 550px with a center at 640px and a right side of 730px (for the horizontal guidelines). The vertical guideline is at 72px.

To Set the Google Shared Drive Theme Folder

  • Open up your Google Drive
  • Click on Shared Drives
  • Right-click on a Shared Drive, select “Change theme” then “Create custom theme
    • NOTE: You will need to have already uploaded your image to your Google Drive as a jpg or png.
  • Select the previously uploaded image from your Google Drive, and when it asks you to crop your image simply click  the blue “Select” button and you’re done.


Set Google Shared Drive Theme


Below is a link to a downloadable Adobe Photoshop template that I put together to create Google Shared Drive Theme images. You are welcome to benefit from using it to create your shard drive theme.




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