What is Windows 10 S?

We have dubbed the “S” in “Windows 10 S” as “Suckers” mode.

Windows 10 S is basically a watered down version of Windows 10 that they claim is done for performance and security purposes. A moments thought begs the question, “Shouldn’t the full version of Windows 10 have those features?”

As it turns out, Windows 10 S limits your ability to install third party applications while only permitting installations from “secure” Microsoft applications available through the Microsoft Store App.


How to get out of Windows 10 S mode

There is no charge to switch out of Windows 10 S mode. However, Microsoft doesn’t make it easy and requires that you have or create an account with them. Once you switch out of S mode you won’t be able to revert back to S mode. Is that really a problem?



To disable Windows 10 S mode simply click the button above. This will prompt you to open the official Microsoft “Switch out of S Mode” app. Be sure to click “Open Microsoft Store” when prompted (see image below).



Once on the app page click the “Get” button which will install the app and officially switch your Windows 10 out of S mode and into what ever version shipped with your PC.

Need more help? Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Windows 10 S mode.


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