GoDaddy Injecting Real User Metrics into Customer Websites

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GoDaddy Real User Metrics Javascript Injection Removal

The popular domain registrar, GoDaddy, is injecting Real User Metrics (RUM) JavaScript into its US based customer websites. Without notifying them first!

Issues with GoDaddy Real User Metrics

In some instances this injected JavaScript code may slow your websites’ performance or even render it inoperable. This bit of information is straight from GoDaddy’s own website.


Opting out of GoDaddy Real User Metrics

  1. Access your GoDaddy cPanel hosting account by logging in, and click on the hosting account that you want to opt out of RUM.
  2. Click the three dots . . . next to the cPanel Admin button, then select “Help us“.
  3. Click the “Opt Out” button which will then work to remove the injected Real User Metrics JavaScript snippet from your website.


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