[FIXED] GoDaddy Prosites Sign in Issues

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Since this morning we have been unable to sign into our GoDaddy Prosites dashboard which we use to manage some web site client accounts. Well, we can sign in but it would immediately revert us to the sign in screen. However, we are able to access our domain names, client accounts and other features. Just not the Prosites, which is the most important part for us.

So we reached out to GoDaddy Customer Support at (480) 463-8387 and went through the process of reporting the issue. We spent close to 40 minutes on the phone with them walking them through the steps to recreate the issue. We even generated a video demonstrating the issue and posted it our YouTube channel for them to review.

While we waited we discovered that the issue was with their “Keep me signed in” feature.


GoDaddy Prosites Log In Issue Resolved


If you checked the “Keep me signed in” box during sign in to your GoDaddy Prosites dashboard it would trigger an issue with how their sso.godaddy.com cookie was being set and would revert you to the sign in screen with no indication of any error. Well, besides not being able to sign in.

Prosites Sign In Solution

Simple work around was to NOT check the “Keep me signed in” box.

By not checking the “Keep me signed in” box we were once again able to access the GoDaddy Prosites portion of their website and get back to work! Too bad GoDaddy won’t be giving us any reward or kickback for discovering and helping to troubleshoot their issue for them. We know because we asked, they instead tried to up-sell us on a number of other products.


Hopefully GoDaddy will get this issue resolved soon. In the mean time we hope that this article has helped some poor sole from having to spend 40 minutes on a support call with GoDaddy and their horrible selection of “hold music”. If this article saved you time, please take a moment to recommend us on Facebook, share this on your social media or buy us a cup of coffee. Let us know if you found any errors, typos or other embarrassing blunders within our article. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that we may be able to assist you with.