There are 50 plus “Dark Mode” themes, as of this post, on the Google Chrome Web Store. Even so, I just needed a break and wanted to try doing something new. Figured why not try designing and fine tuning my own Chrome dark mode theme?

The process proved to be interesting and relatively straight forward. For $5 bucks I was able to get it published on the Google Chrome Web Store. I also published the theme source code and design file on GitHub. Feel free to review the source materials and provide me with your feedback. As for me, I love it! But hey, I am biased.



Why bother?

Isn’t Chrome Getting a Dark Mode for Windows and Mac soon? Yes, you are correct. In fact, Google Chrome for Mac’s already has this feature. Like I said, I took a break to learn something new and had fun doing so.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a feature, in an ever growing number of applications, which converts the standard bright view into one with subdued colors. The idea behind it is to reduce the strain on your eyes when viewing a computer monitor at night. Although, some simply enjoy it for aesthetic reasons. It also provides you with a more customized look compared to default designs.

Dark mode also has potentially battery saving benefits. In fact, Apple claims that black requires far less power to display on-screen than white.

So give my Google Chrome Dark Mode Minimalist theme a try, or switch on Google Chrome’s Dark Mode setting (on Mac or) on Windows when it is released later this year (slated for April 2019). Your eyes will thank you and that person looking over your shoulder will think you’re cool.

Remove Google Chrome Dark Mode Theme

Want to remove the GC Chrome dark mode theme? Just install any other theme or press the “Reset to default” button within your browsers settings area, specifically within the Appearance area. Do not reset your entire browser, just the appearance.

Chrome Dark Mode Release Update

On April 23rd, Google released Chrome version 74 which included the highly anticipated (at least by us) Dark Mode feature (as well as many others).

However, I was saddened after implementing the update to discover that, regardless of the Windows setting or removal of theme, Dark Mode was still not activated. Turns out that Google has chosen to slowly roll out this feature to only a small number of Chrome M74 users.

Searching online I discovered a post on the verge, a technology based blogged, which demonstrated a way of forcing the Dark Mode feature by simply passing an additional command to the Google Chrome Application shortcut. I will share this with you here but if you need further information please check out the source article on the verge website.

Force Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 10

NOTE: Forcing Dark Mode is no longer required.
Google has apparently fully implemented Dark Mode to all users as of version 74.0.3729.108

Locate your Google Chrome program shortcut within your Start Menu folder and right click on it. Select Properties from the drop down menu. Append the command below to the end of the Target variable and save the changes. Restart Google Chrome and enjoy working on the Dark (mode) Side.





Example of Dark Mode forced on Google Chrome 74 for Windows 10


NOTE: I recommend creating a reminder to remove this additional command from the Google Chrome application shortcut (to prevent any future issues) after about 6 months or so. By then, I assume (probably incorrectly) that, Dark Mode will have rolled out to everyone.

Additionally, I have discovered that the free Google Chrome theme I created works very nicely with Dark Mode (forced) enabled. WooWhoo!


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