Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Indexing

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Today, Google announced that it began rolling out their initiative of “mobile-first” website indexing.

Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of a web page “for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they’re looking for,” the the company writes in a blog post.

What does mobile first mean for your website?


Mobile First Indexing

If you have a website built with a responsive web design (means that the view adjusts to what ever device it is displayed on), then these changes should not negatively affect your website and its ranking on search engines. Find out if your website has a responsive design by taking Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test 

If the mobile version of your website was created as an app your website’s ranking may be at risk. To determine if your website is a mobile app, look at the URL. If your website address looks like “”, your website is a mobile app.

If your web design hides content on the mobile version of your website to create a condensed experience. All content, which exists on a desktop view of your website, should also be available on other sized screens.

Another issues is if your website is slow to load on a mobile device. Check your website’s PageSpeed with Google. It’s important to check all of your pages, remember that your home page may not always the entry point for a visitors.


Want to know how many visit your website on a mobile device?

If you have free Google Analytics tracking implemented on your website it’s easy to find out.

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate to “Acquisition“, then “Search Console“, and then “Devices
  • Don’t forget to check the date(s) of your report

If you don’t have a free Google Analytics account call or email Manny with ENDURTECH at (239) 961-8285 and he will get you started.


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