Gravity Forms Custom User Registration Activation Page

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If you want to allow visitor to registrations on your WordPress website or project, Gravity Forms has a handy Add-On called User Registration. This makes registering new users, creating login forms, and even setting custom user meta relatively simple.

Assuming you’ve configured such a solution for your website or project, you may want to enable the user activation option. This will help cut down on the number of junk registrations.

When a visitor registers, an activation email is dispatched with a link to their specific account activation. Upon clicking this link, they are directed to the default Gravity Forms activate page which completes the user activation process. This page isn’t particularly interesting and you may want to spice it up to provide your new registered user with more helpful information.

This article will show you the steps needed in order to implement a custom activation page when using Gravity Forms User Registration.


Custom User Registration Activation Page

Similarly to how one would override theme files, copying the Gravity Forms default activate.php script and placing it under your active theme’s root directory will initiate the overriding process. The following path will reveal the default Gravity Forms User Registration activate.php file that you’ll want to copy:


Next you will want to update your functions.php file to point all future activations to this new file location.



Lastly, you’ll want to customize the new copy of activate.php to suit your particular needs.


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