Gravity Forms Importer CSV File Failed to Upload

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Using the Gravity Forms Import Entries 2.0 plugin, (which was developed by the team at GravityView) you can easily bulk import hundreds or thousands of Gravity Form entries in minutes with any properly formatted comma separated value (CSV) file.

I’ve used this plugin a handful of times and it is well worth the licensing cost having paid for itself after the first use. However, I ran across an issue when attempting to upload a CSV file that contained html content and or https links. Each time I attempted to upload such a CSV I received a “CSV file failed to upload” error. In this article I write on how to get around this upload error.


GravityView Import Entries CSV File Failed to Upload

CSV file failed to upload. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

For security reasons, the WordPress core will only allow you to upload certain file types by default.

If you’re getting the error above (Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.), you can temporarily use one of the following WordPress plugins to disable the Real MIME check and permit your CSV to be uploaded:

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I hope this article on resolving CSV file uploading and importing issues using the Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin by GravityView has helped you.

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