Gravity Forms Submission Error Redirection

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If a visitor submits a form and there is an error the form will reload the page or post and return to the top. The visitor would then be required to scroll down the page or post to see if any errors were generated. Many times, they do not do this and incorrectly assume that the form was submitted successfully.

To resolve this issue we would simply need to append the following text to our WordPress Gravity Forms shortcode: ajax=”true”


Gravity Forms Error Redirection

An example of a completed Gravity Forms shortcode would be as follows:


[gravityform id=”#” title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”]


Alternatively, you may simply check the box that reads “Enable Ajax” when adding a form using the “Add Form” button within your WordPress backend editor.

Now when a visitor submits this form that generates an error they are redirected to the top of the form, revealing the error message(s), rather than the top of the page or post.


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