Remove OneDrive “For You” Section

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The web based app for Microsoft OneDrive includes a “For you” section which I personally have no use for. This section provides a shortcuts to “Access your memories” and appears to randomly display photos from my OneDrive Pictures folder. Since I have no use for any of that, it just consumes a large amount of display real estate at the top of the OneDrive web app page. Looking through Settings, there does not appear to be any option to adjust or remove this entire “For you” section completely.

A search of Microsoft Feedback and Community Forums also reveals that many others would like this section to be disabled, turned off, removed or collapsible but (as of this writing) no notice of such a feature has been provided by Microsoft.

Luckily we have a solution which requires the implementation of an Advertisement Blocker within your browser, which you may already have and be using.


How To Remove OneDrive For You Section Within Online Web App


Hide “For you” from OneDrive

Assuming you are using the secure and privacy friendly Brave browser (this also works for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers) visit the chrome extensions web store to search for and locate the uBlock Origin browser extension.

Just click the blue button labeled “Add to Brave” (or whatever browser you are using) followed by the “Add extension” button. Once added, simply right mouse click on the red uBlock Origin icon located within your browsers top bar and select “Block element…” from the dropdown menu. Watch my short video tutorial that I published to my YouTube channel.

Hover your mouse over towards the left side of the “For you” section which should highlight the entire section in red and click to select the entire area.

A small uBlock Origin pop-up window will appear at the bottom right of your screen. Simply click the “Create” button to block that entire “For you” section or any other selected element. The page will reload and hide the entire “For you” element as seen in the screenshot below. I’m happy to have recovered that display real estate as it lets me focus on providing value to others.


Hide OneDrive For You Section Within Online Web App

Restore OneDrive “For you” Section

To undo the hiding of the “For you” section using the uBlock Origin browser extension simply remove the uBlock extension from your browser or right mouse click on the red uBlock Origin icon from the top right of your browser. Select “Options” from the dropdown menu then select the “My filters” tab and remove the line referencing the element. Might be a good idea to backup your “My filters” section before attempting any edits.


Ublock Origin Extension Remove For You Onedrive Area


Hide OneDrive “For you” Section Video Tutorial




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