How to Automatically Mark SPAM as Read in Gmail

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A closer look into Gmail search semantics revealed that I could simply use the keywords “in:spam” to refer to the all messages under my SPAM label.

Knowing this, I set up a filter to automatically mark all new SPAM messages as Read within Gmail.

I have chosen to do this as I don’t want to see when a new SPAM message arrives and be tempted to check if it is legitimate. I find that Gmail’s SPAM filter is nearly 100% accurate so not constantly checking the SPAM label improves my productivity. But this is subjective and this operation or method may not be suitable for your related needs.


Mark SPAM as Read Automatically

Within the “Search mail” field enter “in:spam” (without the quotes) then click on the Search Options icon towards the right of the “Search mail” field where you typed in in:spam.

This will allow you to click on the “Create filter” link down at the bottom of the drop down section. A “Confirm creating filter” notice will appear, select “OK“. Next select “Mark as read” (or any other criteria) then click on the “Create filter” button down at the bottom right of the drop down.

This new filter will simply and efficiently hide all new SPAM messages, while still collecting messages under the SPAM label. If you’re as fussy as I am when it comes to Gmail, I hope that this little trick comes in handy.



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