How to Disable or Hide Gravity Forms Tooltips in Backend

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When you first start off with Gravity Forms, their various tooltips come in handy to inform you what certain fields and features can and cannot do.

Tooltips are those little popup messages which appear when you hover your cursor over those little question mark icons (or any programmed element for that matter).

Within the Gravity Forms WordPress administrative backend these icons appear at the end of may form fields and labels. Again, these are handy for the uninitiated, but tend to appear in front of and block fields that you may be attempting to edit. Thus they quickly become an annoyance and time wasting feature. That is why we looked into disabling them. All of them.

Special thanks to Joshua Vandercar for his assistance.


Disable Backend Gravity Forms Tooltips

The following code snippet will disable all Gravity Forms backend tooltips from within your forms. To implement this simply add the filter below to your child theme’s functions.php file.



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