How to Disable Seat Belt Alarm on 2005 Toyota Camry

How to Disable Seat Belt Alarm on 2005 Toyota Camry

I personally love technology, as a tool to better our lives by saving the labor of our hands and so on. However, when technology starts being used to coerce individuals into behaving or acting in ways the programmers or politicians deem “ideal” it simply erodes our personal liberties.

Take, for example, the seat belt alarm in my 2005 Toyota Camry. It is programmed to issue a loud audible and persistent alarm to “encourage” me to fasten my safety belt should I begin driving without it fastened. If I have it fastened and I need to temporarily remove the seat belt while driving, it is triggered again. If I have any significant weight in the passenger seat (such as a computer tower) and the safety belt isn’t fastened the loud and persistent alarm goes off again. Poor programming? Doesn’t matter, I take personal responsibility for my choice to either put the seat belt on or not.

I am not going to tell you that you should or should not wear your seat beat. It’s your life and your responsibility and I believe you know what is best for you. But I will tell you the steps needed in order to disable this alarm, should you be so inclined.


How to Disable 2005 Toyota Camry Seat Belt Alarm

  • Turn ignition power on (don’t start the engine) and use the trip-reset button on your dash to cycle through until it reads: “ODO
  • Turn ignition power off.
  • Turn ignition power on, within 5 seconds, press and hold the trip-reset button (continue to hold, see below).
  • After 10 seconds (of holding the trip-reset button in), fasten the seat belt (don’t let the button go). The display should read “b-on
  • Now release the trip-reset button which will change it to “b-off” which signifies that the alarm has been disabled.
  • Turn ignition power off and release the seat belt.
  • Repeat this process to re-enable the alarm.
    • Note: If you replace your car battery this process will have to be repeated to disable the alarm.



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  1. James Kent Chruch
    James Kent Chruch says:

    It also works the same way with the passenger seat but it’s definitely easier to do with 2 people.

  2. Aaron L Goff
    Aaron L Goff says:

    thank you soon much… now I can have the door open and listen to my music without that crazy dingdingding… thanks yall.

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