How to Fix ‘Another update is currently in progress’ WordPress Upgrade Error


While attempting to update WordPress to the latest version recently I received the following notice “Another update is currently in progress“.


Another Update is Currently in Progress WordPress Error


Yet there was no core, theme or plugin update in progress. Any attempts to re-initiate the update process resulted in the same notice appearing without the update applying. Obviously there is some sort of WordPress update lock preventing the update from initializing.

In this article I cover how I was able to quickly unlock the WordPress updater and complete any remaining updates.


Another Update in Progress Notice #

During a WordPress core update, an update lock called “core_updater.lock” option record is set within your WordPress site’s database to prevent simultaneous updates. Normally, the “Another update is currently in progress.” message automatically disappears after a few minutes. However, if you are stuck on that message or don’t want to wait, then you can reset it.


Fix “Another Update in Progress” in WordPress #

To unlock your WordPress website’s updater, we simply need to delete the “core_updater.lock” record from your site’s database. Below are two methods for achieving this, manually and automatically through the use of a plugin:


Method A: Manually Delete the Lock Record from the Database #

Using a database access tool such as phpMyAdmin or Adminer (assuming you know how to use these database tools) access your database tables and open the “wp_options” table. Note that your database table prefixes (wp_) may differ.

Since the update, and subsequent error, is a recent occurrence we can simply go to the final page (end of the wp_options table) and locate the option_name record “core_updater.lock“.

Simply delete that database row which will then unlock your WordPress website updater and allow you to complete the update process.


Another Update is Currently in Progress core_updater.lock Delete


Method B: Use a Plugin to Delete the Lock Record from the Database #

From the backend of your WordPress website, visit Plugins then Add New. Search for the “Fix Another Update In Progress” plugin, install and activate it.

Note that at this time of writing the Fix Another Update In Progress plugin has over 7,000 active installations (and 23 five star reviews) indicating that you are not alone in experiencing this WordPress updating issue.

Upon activation, visit Settings then “Fix Another Update In Progress” page which will check to see if your WordPress updates are locked. If so, it will present you with a button to fix it.


WordPress Update Lock Fix Plugin


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