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As you may be aware, Google has begun enforcing their ‘secure by default‘ initiative. This means that they have begun marking all non-HTTPS websites, meaning websites without a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate installed, as ‘Not Secure‘ as of July 2018.

This ‘Not Secure‘ warning, visible within the address bar of Google Chrome, may scare off less technology savvy visitors. More importantly, not having an SSL installed on your website may negatively impact your website’s search ranking. It is rumored that Google may now be using the existence of an SSL certificate as a search engine ranking metric.


With this knowledge, our Naples based website design, maintenance and hosting firm has decided to provide free secure socket layer (SSL) certificates to all of our existing and future clients who have a hosting and maintenance account with us.

Manny Rodrigues, CEO @ENDURTECH


Get Your Free SSL Certificate

Please note that this free SSL will not come with any warranty or insurance. For these features we would have to upgrade you to a Positive SSL Certificate which starts at $49 per year. Simply contact us to order your Positive SSL Certificate.

We have begun implementing secure socket layer certificates on all of our existing client accounts and hope to have this completed by Monday, Aug. 6th, 2018.

To see if your website has its secure socket layer certificate installed simply visit it and within the address bar you should notice a green lock icon with the words “Secure” next to it before your website address. Should you be one of our existing clients and have any questions regarding the new secure socket layer certificate installation on your website simply reach out to us via email or phone at (239) 961-8285

If you are not one of our customers, make the switch today by giving us a call at (239) 961-8285


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