How to Remove Admin Bar Editor Type from Enfold Theme

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Beginning around Enfold v4.5.2 the theme developers ( added a way to determine which editor a page or post was using when viewing it from the frontend of your website.



This was also added to the post state of every page and post within the WordPress admin backend.



No doubt some find this additional information helpful to see, at a glance, what editor a page or post is using. Then there are those who found that it added unnecessary clutter. Especially since we KNOW which editor is being used because we always use the same one.

This article contains a code snippet which will remove the editor type from the frontend admin bar as well as the post type within the WordPress backend. Thus no longer displaying “Advanced Layout Builder” or “Classic Editor“.


Remove Admin Bar Editor Type

The following code snippet will allow you to alter the Admin Bar edit label on your WordPress website. To implement this change, edit your website’s functions.php file within your active theme directory. Ideally you should be using a child theme to implement the code below.


Frontend Editor Type Removal



Backend Removal

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