How to Remove All Passwords from Lockwise in Firefox

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Brave is my default internet browser. However, I have utilized Mozilla’s Firefox browser from time to time and for various reasons.

Mozilla’s Lockwise feature for password management was really interesting, but there is much left to be desired. For example, you can’t remove all your passwords at once and I suffered from duplicate password entries. Removing my passwords one by one, as presently required, was simply too time consuming.

I discovered a round about way of deleting all passwords from a Mozilla Lockwise account and I will show you how to do so within this article.


Remove All Lockwise Passwords

As mentioned, wanting to remove all passwords from your Mozilla Lockwise account one will find that their is currently no built-in way to remove all passwords at once.

However, their is a simple work around to do just that. It just requires the resetting of your Master Password. This works even if you are not using a Master Password.

To remove all passwords at once from Lockwise, open your Mozilla Firefox browser and copy and paste the code below into your address bar.


(not a link, just copy and paste into address bar)


You will be prompted with a warning regarding the resetting of your Master Password (see image below). This feature will remove your master password as well as ALL stored web/email passwords, form data, personal certificates, and private keys.

There is no way to recover these once reset, be sure you really want to continue. You have been warned!

To proceed with the resetting of your Master Password and the removal of all passwords (and previously mentioned data) just press the “Reset” button at the bottom right of your screen.



Once done, restart your Firefox browser to complete the process. You can then log back into your Mozilla account and access your now empty Lockwise account.

Note: If you intend to import your passwords from another browser, be sure to also import the related bookmarks. Otherwise the passwords won’t be synchronized with your Lockwise account. After importing, you will need to restart the browser again.


I hope this article has helped you clear out your stored passwords within your Mozilla Firefox browser. I welcome your thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article.

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Let me know if you found any errors within my article or if I may further assist you by answering any additional questions you may have.


Editors Note:

  • This article was first published on June 27th, 2019 and was revised on March 26th, 2020 to better explain how to reset your Master Password and Remove All Lockwise Passwords at once. Ike also informed me that the Master Password Reset Command address needed to be updated (which I did). Thank you kindly Ike!


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  1. Ian Andrews
    Ian Andrews says:

    Brilliant – thanks! PS In a world where our identities and our security are critically important and where Firefox has to compete with the behemoths, wouldn’t you have expected it to have addressed this simplest of issues? No: instead they impose their password app on users and fail to design it properly. I was disillusioned with Chrome and so came to Firefox. Maybe I’ll try Brave! Thanks again!

    • Manny Rodrigues
      Manny Rodrigues says:

      Happy to have helped Ian. Definitely give Brave a try. I have been using it along with their mobile browser app (which securely synchronizes with the desktop app) exclusively for over a year and love it.

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