How to Remove Google Meet from Gmail

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Remove Google Meet from Gmail

Currently there is no way to remove Google Meet from your Gmail display within a browser. However, a “Platinum Product Expert” (for what its worth) claims to have been informed by a Google Employee that Google is rolling out the option to hide / remove Google Meet from Gmail. No time frame has been provided.

In this article I cover using the Gmail Chat panel to at least minimize the Google Meet panel within Gmail.


Hide Google Meet Update May 29th, 2020 #

Google has begun rolling out the option to hide Google Meet from Gmail. Click on the gear icon (Settings) toward the top right of your Gmail window and you should now see “Chat and Meet” which was formally just “Chat“. From there, you can simply select the “Hide the Meet section in the main menu” radio option and click “Save Changes“. Again, this is a roll out so if you don’t see the “Chat and Meet” tab yet, you’ll simply have to wait a little longer or try the method below. You can also try resetting your browsers cache and reloading Gmail.



Hide Google Meet #

Personally, I don’t use the Gmail Google Hangouts Chat feature. So I had previously turned off Chat within my Gmail “Settings” area. I discovered that by turning the Chat feature back on I was able to then click the “Hangouts conversations” highlighted tab at the bottom to hide the Google Meet panel (see below image). This worked regardless if I was logged into the Chat feature or not.


Hide Google Meet from Gmail


Again, this is just a temporary and partial “solution“. The Chat panel with Meet will reappear after restarting the browser. Annoying, right!

Until an official remove Google Meet feature is released, I will just have to live put up with using this slight improvement. I still don’t understand why Google didn’t just update their already existent Hangouts or Duo video service to include the feature of multiple participants in Google Meet? No doubt my comprehension of this purpose is irrelevant and there is a strategic (and very expensive) plan behind all this.

I am not personally encouraged to use this force fed service, even if it is free.

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I hope this article has helped you minimize or hide the Google Meet panel within Gmail. I welcome your thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article.

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Editors Note:
This article was first published on May 19th, 2020 and was revised on May 29th, 2020 to include the new Chat and Meet tab instructions for removing Google Meet from Gmail.