How to Use Brave Search in Microsoft Edge

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In my opinion and research the Brave Search engine is the industries best privacy focused search engine. In fact, Brave Search is my default search engine knowing full well that if I have to, I can still use pop into Google or Bing.

This article will show you how to quickly and easily add and use the Brave Search engine within your Microsoft Edge browser.


Add Brave Search as Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Begin by opening your Microsoft Edge browser and copying or typing the following URL into the address bar at the top: edge://settings/searchEngines

That should take you straight to the “Manage search engines” settings section. From their, click on the “Add” button and enter following variables:


Search engine:

Keyword: ( note this can be any shortcut, example “:br” instead of “” )

URL with %s in place of query:


Once completed, click the “Save” button which will add the Brave Search engine to your Microsoft Edge browser’s search engine list. Brave Search now easily accessible via the keyword you set from within the Edge address bar at the top of the window.


Set Brave Search as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

This step is optional, but recommended.

To set Brave Search as your default search engine when using Microsoft Edge, locate the Brave Search entry you just added and click on the the horizontal dots which will reveal a drop down menu. From this menu select “Make default“, see image below.


Microsoft Edge Search Engine List, Add Brave Search



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