Microsoft Update Data Deletion Bug Warning

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Windows 10 File Deletion Bug October 2018 Update

Microsoft began rolling out the October 2018 Update for  Windows 10, version 1809, recently. Shortly afterwards reports began rolling in that the update resulted in the loss of end user data. Microsoft is now advising anyone who had manually downloaded the update, but not yet installed it, to not do so until further notice.

This is a significant blow to credibility which will undoubtedly result in hesitation next time end users go to update. Afterall, who needs to worry about hackers and malware when your operating system will destroy your files without any indication or reason.


Data Deletion Warning

We have encountered such an issue which fell on deaf ears when we reported that a system rollback deleted client data (even though we selected to keep all personal data). Luckily, we always perform a full system backup of client computers prior to any work for just such instances. We assumed we had magically selected the wrong button as only a few others reported such an issue. Now that this file-deletion-update has caused similar issues we wonder if their is something else going on.

Regardless, use this as a friendly reminder to regularly backup your data!


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