Migrate Windows 10 Sticky Notes

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Windows 10 doesn’t have an export and import feature for Sticky Notes. However, you can synchronize your Sticky Notes by signing into both PC’s using your Microsoft Account. If you rather not do that, like me, here are the steps to manually backup and transfer your Stick Notes from one computer to the next.

Note, this article assumes that you are simply transferring Stick Notes to a new PC that does not have any Stick Notes yet.


How to Back Up & Migrate Sticky Notes on Windows 10

The first step is to go to where Windows keeps your Sticky Notes database on your old PC. To do that, press Windows key + R, type the following in the search box, then press Enter:


Copy the following files to a USB drive, network share or other backup source.

  • plum.sqlite-wal
  • plum.sqlite
  • plum.sqlite-shm

Access the new PC to which you will be transferring the Stick Notes to. If you haven’t already done so, open Sticky Notes then close Stick Notes. This creates the default database files that we will overwrite. Warning, overwriting these files will replace any Sticky Notes that you may have created on your new PC. Be sure you have working backups.

On your new PC visit the same location as before by pressing Windows key + R, type the following in the search box, then press Enter:


Connect the USB drive, access the network share or other backup source and copy the three files and paste them into the above folder. Click Replace the file in the destination when prompted. Again, assuming you have no existing Sticky Notes on this new PC you want to save. Replacing these files will overwrite the notes on this new PC and any notes would be lost.

Once complete, you can close the folder and open Sticky Notes on your new PC to reveal the notes from your other PC. That’s it!



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