Gmail New Confidential Message Feature

Google’s Gmail service recently released a new feature called “Confidential Mode“. This allows you to set how long an email is available for viewing by your intended recipient(s).

As you can imagine, after the set expiration date, the email message is simply and automatically removed from the recipients inbox. Recipients will not have the option of forwarding this email, coping the email contents, or even printing it out.


However, it is still possible for a recipient to simply take a photograph or screenshot.


Why is Gmail’s Confidential Mode Great?

You can now send someone a message without worrying about it lingering around in their email account. This provides added security and peace of mind should the recipients email account ever become compromised and your sensitive information discovered.


How to Use Gmail’s Confidential Mode

Access your Gmail account on your personal computer and tap the “Compose” button. Towards the bottom of the new message, a tiny lock with a clock will be visible. Clicking on it brings up a pop-up allowing you to choose how long you want the email to be available to your recipient. You may even choose to “Require a Passcode” for accessing the transmitted message. Once you’ve set the criteria and sent your email it will automatically delete itself from the recipients inbox (no matter where it is located within their account).


Note, the timer begins once you send your confidential email.
Not when the recipient opens it.


Another neat feature is the ability to remove access to this email before the expiration date passes. Do so access and open the message from within your “Sent” folder and selecting “Remove Access“.


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