PDF File Name Issue, Fixing Cryptic File Names

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Have you ever found yourself trying to make sense of PDF files with names that resemble a cryptic code more than anything meaningful? You’re not alone.

A recent encounter with a client highlighted a common frustration many face: PDFs downloaded from email attachments that retain long, random strings of alphanumeric characters as their titles, even after being renamed.

This article covers this common PDF document saving issue and provides a streamlined solution to save PDF document’s with their actual titles.


PDF File Name Issue

The root of this issue lies in the way these PDFs are being saved from emails. When previewing a PDF attachment in Gmail, many users instinctively click the Print icon, which leads to a print preview with an option to save the document as a PDF. However, this method often preserves the original, often nonsensical, file title embedded within the PDF metadata. This is the main reason why PDF document file names and titles contain the temporary cryptographic like file name.

Streamlined PDF File Naming Solution

The solution is surprisingly straightforward.

When previewing your PDF attachment(s) in Gmail instead of clicking the Print icon to save the PDF to your PC, simply select the Download icon which is located to the right of the Print icon. This action bypasses the print to PDF dialogues and allows the PDF to be saved directly to your chosen location, with the file name you’ve set.

By adopting this simple habit, you can ensure that your documents are organized and easily navigable, saving you time and frustration.

Moreover, you can adjust your browser Downloads settings to either ask where to save each file or to automatically download files to a specified folder, streamlining the process even further. Just toggle the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” option and set the desired destination directory.



Remember, it’s the small tweaks in our digital habits that can lead to a more efficient and less stressful work environment.

So next time you’re about to save a PDF document from an email, hit the Download icon, not the Print icon, and take control of your document management.



I welcome your thoughts, questions or suggestions on my simple, yet effective, solution to ensure your PDF documents maintain proper file and title names.

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