AlterDROP Project

Take back control of your life, by taking responsibility!

This is our latest endeavor which we are proud of and immensely excited about. Please feel free to visit the AlterDROP website to view the project's ongoing progress, sign-up for our newsletter, and to obtain your very own Liberty ID.


Develop and administer a contractual social networking dispute resolution platform promoting individual liberty through personal responsibility thus reducing world conflict.


We believe mankind needs, desires and deserves a more efficient, non-coercive method of conflict and dispute resolution.

Disputes may arise when individuals, groups or nations interact to achieve separate goals. With today's technological advances, we believe we can develop and administer a contractual social networking platform with a peaceful, affordable and efficient dispute resolution system at its core and you as its most valued asset!

Would you join a non-violent and empowering revolution in which mankind discards the relics of "law and justice" and individuals voluntarily embrace personal responsibility? Now that we have you with us, this revolution will excel!


We believe that each individual is responsible for their own liberty which is achieved through the integrity of their word.

In short, AlterDROP™ members encourage follow members to live by their word, their reputation, and holds to account those individuals who need assistance in doing so. Making the world better by making us all better at communicating our interests and desires effectively.


The AlterDROP Project stemmed from another business venture called ggBarter, which filed articles of organization in Florida as ggBarter, LLC. on January 30th, 2013 and voluntarily dissolved over coercive governmental regulations on June 7th, 2013.

The initial purpose and concept for the ggBarter project was to provide a platform for online trading that promoted a free market in the use of alternative currencies and was to provide an unparalleled alternative online dispute resolution system.

Shortly after dissolving the realization was made that our revolutionary online dispute resolution system could be extracted and made into its own business venture. Thus a free market for individual liberty by promoting personal responsibility was born!