Quick Fix for Unpatched WordPress File Delete Security Issue

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PHP security researchers from RIPSTECH recently disclosed details about an unpatched security flaw impacting WordPress websites up to and including version 4.9.6.

This vulnerability affects the WordPress core, and not any plugin or theme. More precisely, the flaw was found in a PHP function that deletes thumbnails for images uploaded on a WordPress website. This flaw allows for the insertion of malicious code which may traverse the servers’ directories allowing for the deletion of crucial files. Something which isn’t possible without FTP or server access.

The severity of this vulnerability is reduced by the fact that only users of a certain access level (Author or higher) can attempt an exploit. However, if an attacker manages to register even a low-level “Subscriber” account on a site and then elevates its privileges, they can exploit this vulnerability to hijack the site.

Thanks to the security researchers over at RIPSTECH, they not only disclosed this issue but they also created and provided a temporary hotfix.


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Security Flaw Solution

The RIPSTECH quick fix may be integrated into an existing WordPress installation by adding the following code to your functions.php file of the currently active theme or child-theme.


** WordPress File Delete Temporary Hotfix
** Removes ability of user traversing directories when removing thumbnails
** Discovered and patched by RIPSTECH - Thank you!
add_filter( 'wp_update_attachment_metadata', 'dir_traverse_unlink_tempfix' );
function dir_traverse_unlink_tempfix( $data )
if( isset( $data['thumb'] ) )
$data['thumb'] = basename( $data['thumb'] );
return $data;


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