Quickly Add or Remove User from Google Analytics Account

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In this short video tutorial I speed run through (press pause if needed) the process of Adding and Removing a user from your Google Analytics account.




How to Add or Remove Someone from Google Analytics Account #

Once logged in and you’re on the Analytics property you wish to adjust, click the “Admin” link at the bottom left side of your screen. Then select “Account User Management“. At the top right corner of your screen is a blue circle with a white plus ( + ), click on it and select “Add users“. Insert the users email address and set their permissions. Click the blue “Add” button at the top right to complete the addition.

Google will send this new user an email confirmation with access instructions.

To remove a user from your Analytics property simply click the three dots towards the far right side of their account listing and select “Remove access“. Confirm this action by clicking the red “Remove” link at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

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