Remove 3D Objects folder in Windows 10

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Without question, sending and receiving 3D digital objects will be the future of computing. However, the time isn’t here yet and I don’t want an empty useless folder cluttering up my directory. Normally it would be simple enough to just delete the empty folder. But thanks to “Big Brother” Microsoft, they make it difficult.

To remove the 3D Objects folder from Windows 10 simply follow the registry edits below.


Remove Windows 10 3D Objects Folder

Click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of your screen (Start) and type “regedit“, press the enter key to open the Windows Registry editor. Select “Yes” to allow the registry to make changes. Note, only do this if you know what you are doing and have backed up your system prior to doing as suggested below. You may also download the code below and execute the necessary registry edits. Right click on the .reg file and select “Edit” to view the code to ensure it is as described below.

Step 1. Navigate to:


Locate and delete the folder:



Step 2. With a Windows 10 64-bit install, also remove the following key:


Locate and delete the folder:



3D-Objects Folder Removal Code Download #

If using the Download option you can save the downloaded .zip file to your computer then right click on it to “Extract All…“. Double click on the .reg file to execute the registry edits. When the Windows 10 User Account Control window appears select “Yes” and “Yes” again when the Registry Editor warning appears.




That’s it! You’ll find that the “3D Objects” folder under “This PC” has been removed. Note that sometimes after a Windows Update the icon may reappear. Just right click on it and it will allow you to remove it.


End of File #

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