Remove Bookshelf Application on Raspberry Pi 4

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Introduced with the May 2020 Raspberry Pi OS update was a new Bookshelf application helping you find and read books and magazines from Raspberry Pi Press. While interesting, this is not something I personally need or want. Thus this article will show you how to remove Bookshelf from your Raspberry Pi 4.


Remove Bookshelf  from Raspberry Pi

Open a new terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo apt remove rp-bookshelf

You’ll then want to go to the /home/pi/ directory and remove the remaining Bookshelf folder or just run the following command (NOTE: running the following command will remove the directory including any files within said directory):

sudo rm -r /home/pi/Bookshelf


Install Bookshelf on Raspberry Pi

Changed your mind? I don’t blame you as most of the books and magazines issued from the Raspberry Pi Press are excellent. Here is the commands required to install it again.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install rp-bookshelf



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