Remove OneDrive from Windows 10 File Explorer Sidebar

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Microsoft OneDrive provides users with 5 gigabytes worth of free cloud storage. An embarrassingly trivial amount considering its intended purpose.

Begin by Uninstalling OneDrive from “Programs and Features“.

You’ll note that even after uninstalling OneDrive, it clings to your interface like hot gum to shoe treads.

These instructions will help completely remove it from the sidebar of your Windows 10 File Explorer Sidebar.


Remove Microsoft OneDrive from Windows 10 Sidebar

To remove OneDrive from the sidebar of File Explorer, open your registry editor. From there, navigate to:


Edit the REG_DWORD key labeled “System.IsPinned…” and set it to “0” (zero).


As of January 2019, you will also need to navigate to the following key and repeat the above function.


Edit the REG_DWORD key labeled “System.IsPinned…” and set it to “0” (zero).


A reboot may be required. Upon restarting Microsoft’s OneDrive folder shortcut will no longer be visible from the sidebar of your File Explorer window. That is, until the next update that Microsoft decides that we need OneDrive again and puts it back.

We recommend to our clients that they use Google Drive instead of Microsoft’s OneDrive. Google Drive provides users with 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage. Not mentioning unlimited, “regular quality“, storage for your photos. But beware! Nothing is free. Google is profiting from your photos. They are harvesting marketing data from your images to derive insight into what products and ads to display to you and others. Don’t believe me? Read between the pixels.



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