Remove Option to Allow trackbacks and pingbacks when Editing Posts in WordPress

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When utilizing WordPress as a custom client solution it is necessary to eliminate as many unneeded options, menus and so on for our clients. “How many should I remove“, you ask? As many as it takes to prevent them from reaching out to you to inquire what a particular button, option or feature does. It generates nothing but wasted time and potentially frustration on behalf of the client. Chances are they will not even use or need it. If they ever do, it is just as easy to enable it once again. But only when the client requests it! Less is more.

In this case, we wanted to eliminate the “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page” option from the WordPress administrative backend. Specifically from the new posts, edit posts and quick edit sections.


Removing Allow Trackbacks and Pingbacks on this page


In this article we cover the steps and code we used to remove the “allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page” option so that only theAllow commentsoption is available to our clients.


Allow Trackbacks and Pingbacks on this page Removed


To implement the aforementioned solution simply access your functions.php file from within your WordPress child theme. Don’t have a child theme? We recommend using one.



Now that we’ve removed the allow trackbacks and pingbacks option from our posts edit screen, we will also want to remove it from the quick edit screen. Since there are currently no hooks or classes to utilize, a jQuery solution is required. As before, insert the following code into your child theme’s functions.php file.



Last but not least, you will want to log in as your client and confirm that the old Discussion meta box has been removed and replaced with this new custom one we created. We’ve discovered, since our custom box is using the same name as the one we’ve removed we have to reset the view. To do this visit the administrative backend and “Edit” any post. When on the edit page, select the “Screen Options” drop down menu at the top right. From there, uncheck and recheck the “Discussion” box to reset the view. Be sure to confirm this on new Posts too.


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