Restart Windows into System BIOS

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Occasionally and for one reason or another I need to boot into my computers’ BIOS. For easier access I purposefully instructed my BIOS to boot my computer with a long delay to ensure that I can press the correct BIOS access key in time. However, on other computers the boot delay isn’t set and without looking up the proper access key I waste time trying to guess which one it is.

In this article I cover a handy Windows command which will allow you to restart your Windows computer straight into your Systems’ BIOS.


Restart PC into BIOS

Begin by accessing the Windows Command Prompt App as an Administrator.

To do so, click on the Start button (Windows logo) and search for “cmd“, right click on the “Command Prompt” App and select “Run as administrator“. Then select “Yes” at the “User Account Prompt” (UAC) pop-up.

The following single command will shutdown your computer:


However, when combined with the the following switches we can restart your PC and open your computer systems BIOS:

shutdown /r /fw /f /t 0

Note: The last character in the command above is a zero.

No more having to lookup motherboard manufacturer BIOS access keys or pounding the esc, F1 through F12 or Del keys on your keyboard in an attempt to access your computers’ BIOS. That is, assuming you can boot your computer into Windows in the first place.



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