SCAM, Domain Name Expiration Notice from iDNS Internet Domain Name Services

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IDNS Internet Domain Name Services SCAM Letter

 We recently sent out a domain name renewal reminder to a client who replied that they had already renewed.

Suspecting a game was afoot, we requested a copy of the letter they received. Upon receipt it was apparent they had fallen for a common internet scam.

The letter they received was from a company called iDNS or Internet Domain Name Service. Sounds legitimate and the letter (as seen in this article) looks professional and legitimate. A closer look at the fine print you’ll notice that it is just a trick to get you to switch your domain registrar to them. On top of that, they are charging three times (3x) what we and most registrars charge for annual domain name registrations and renewals.


What should I do If I get a letter from iDNS?

The answer is simple: Just throw it away!


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