Set Shortcut Key to Heading Styles in Word

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In an effort to maximize my productivity I find the use of keyboard shortcut keys valuable. Within Office 365 Word you can use either the built-in styles or custom styles but no keyboard shortcut  keys exists for those. That is, until you set them to be associated with a keyboard shortcut key.

In this post, I will show you how to quickly and easily set keyboard shortcut keys to your Styles within Microsoft Office 365 Word.


Set Keyboard Shortcut Key to Word Styles

With Microsoft Office 365 Word open, access an existing or new document. Then right click on the desired Style you wish to set a Shortcut key to and select “Modify…” from the drop down.

Set keyboard shortcut to office 365 word styles

Within the Modify Style window click on the “Format” button down at the bottom, then click “Shortcut key…

Modify styles to set shortcut keys in Word

A new “Customize Keyboard” window will appear which will allow us to assign the desired shortcut key to your selected style. Set your new Shortcut Key by clicking in the “Press new shortcut key:” field and pressing the desired Shortcut keys on your keyboard.

In the animated image example below I assigned “ALT + SHIFT + 1” to my Heading 1 style in Microsoft Office Word 365. Be sure to click the “Assign” button at the bottom, then “Close” the Customize Keyboard window.

Assign Shortcut Key to Style in Word



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