Should I Disable Windows 10 OneSyncSvc Service?

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The OneSyncSvc synchronizes your Microsoft Account, OneDrive, Windows Mail, Contacts, Calendar and various other Apps. Your Mail App and other Apps and services, which are dependent upon this functionality, will not work properly when this service is disabled or not running.

Since I don’t personally use any of these services or its related Apps I decided to disable it. To my bliss, browsing my Workgroup network with Windows Explorer is near instantaneous by comparison. In short, there are no more delays in opening networked folders.


How to Disable OneSyncSvc Service #

Again, assuming you don’t use or need any of the above related services or Apps and want to browse your networked computers faster give disabling the OneSyncSvc service a try. To disable OneSyncSvc click “Start” and type “regedit” then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Copy and paste the below address into the address bar at the top:


Locate and set the “Start” DWORD from the default value of “2” to “4“. A restart would be required to implement this change.

You would then want to “Favorite” this location within your Registry Editor in case you change your mind or run into issues. Then simply revert the Start DWORD back to “2” to enable the OneSyncSvc service and all its related functionality. Once again, a restart would be required to implement this change.


Disable OneSyncSvc Service


End of File #

I hope this article has helped increase the speed with which you browse your networked environment. I welcome your thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article.

Again, if you use any of the above mentioned services you would not want to disable the OneSyncSvc service.

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  1. Mike A.
    Mike A. says:

    I made the change to the register as suggested but OneDrive is still active and happy. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Is there something else I should look at?

    • Manny Rodrigues
      Manny Rodrigues says:

      Happy to help Mike. This article was for the “OneDrive Service” which is separate from, but related to, “OneDrive“. To remove Microsoft’s OneDrive application (which is what I think you are trying to do) simply click the Windows icon down at the bottom left of your screen and type: OneDrive

      The “OneDrive” app should appear in the list above, simply right click on it and select “Uninstall“. Upon doing so, the “Programs and Features” window will appear. Locate “Microsoft OneDrive” and double left mouse click on it to begin the uninstallation process. Alternatively you can just search for “Programs and Features” from the start menu and then uninstall Microsoft OneDrive from the list. Hope this helps!

      Let me know if you have any other questions or issues that I may be able to assist you with. Thank you Mike.

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