Social Media Icons Missing in Enfold Theme

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Social Media Icons Missing in Enfold Theme

If you are using the Enfold theme for your WordPress web site, after updating to WordPress 5.3.1 you may have noticed that your social media icons disappeared.

The issue appears to stem from the WordPress 5.3.1 security and maintenance release which may be preventing the rendering of the icon font script used to display said social media icons. But this is just a guess.

Luckily, the Kriesi Media development team at Enfold have addressed the issue. The solution to the problem will be included within the next Enfold theme release which is expected sometime after the holidays. In the meantime, they have provided us with a way to patch the issue and restore the social media icon font functionality.


Fix Missing Social Media Icons in Enfold #

The solution involves simply replacing an existing file, specifically “function-set-avia-frontend.php” located within your “wp-content/themes/enfold/framework/php/” directory.

You may obtain the updated “function-set-avia-frontend.php” file from the following KriesiMedia GitHub repository. To save you time I have embedded the script below within my own GitHub Gist account.

I have personally tested this solution on various affected sites and have found it to be working with no other detectable issues. Regardless, if you implement this I advise you make a backup of the original file. You may also need to clear your server and browser cache after the file has been replaced.



End of File #

I hope this article has helped you restore your social media icons on your Enfold themed WordPress web site.

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