Support for WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Release

WordPress 5.0 Gutenburg Support

WordPress 5.0 introduces a robust content creation experience.

The new Gutenberg editor is the first step toward an exciting new future for WordPress with a streamlined editing experience. This gives the user more flexibility with how their content is to be displayed on their website.

Introducing Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg editor was developed with mobile in mind, capable of conveniently working across all screen sizes and devices. The best aspect of this new editor is that you no longer need a bunch of separate plugins for simple content styles and designs. This provides a website owner with greater security and makes editing their website content simple.

The Future of Gutenberg

For those of us with experience with HTML and CSS, Gutenberg won’t stand in the way with plenty of flexibility for all levels of user experience.

Gutenberg features reusable “blocks“, allowing both developers and clients to quickly add new content while still maintaining the ever important consistent look and feel of their website. In short, the future looks promising thanks to the efforts of the countless developers over at WordPress and Automatic.


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