Synchronize Microsoft Authenticator Between Devices

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WARNING! The instructions herein are for my own personal use to jog my memory since I keep forgetting to take my memory pills. These instructions may be wrong and may cause you to lose all of your stored two factor authentication codes. This will obviously prevent you from accessing your two factor authentication enabled accounts. Do not attempt to synchronize your Microsoft Authenticator between devices using this article. Now back to jogging my memory.


Steps to Synchronize Microsoft Authenticator Between Devices

  1. Take the source device, the device with Microsoft Authenticator containing all the needed codes and ensure that Cloud Backup is toggled ON from the Settings menu within Microsoft Authenticator. If not, toggle it ON but be aware that if you have an existing Cloud backup it will be overwritten!
    • This is where you may lose your shit, so know what you are doing and be extremely careful!
  2. Once the Cloud Backup is toggled ON from your primary authentication device go to the other mobile device (the one you want the codes transferred to) and, if not already installed, install Microsoft Authenticator from the Google Play Store. If Microsoft Authenticator is already installed, skip to step 5 below.
  3. With Microsoft Authenticator newly installed, open it which will prompt you to allow Microsoft to collect basic app data to which you, unfortunately, have to “Agree” with in order to use the App.
  4. After that the Sign in prompt will appear, simply scroll down until you see “Restore from backup“. Then log into your Microsoft Account under which you backed up your codes.


Restore Microsoft Authenticator Two Factor Authentication Codes from Cloud Backup Sync


  1. If Microsoft Authenticator is already installed on your other device and it has any needed two factor authentication codes stored on it you will want to migrate those codes over to your primary authentication device first! Then you would want to see the video on clearing Microsoft Authenticator app data on your destination mobile device. WARNING! This will remove ALL of your stored two factor authentication codes on this device. This step is needed in order to provide us with the “Restore from backup” option as seen above.


Clearing Microsoft Authenticator App Data




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